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Site rules

Given that we’re rather small at the moment, there aren’t terribly many instance-wide rules. As of right now, the main rules would be:

1. Don’t do anything illegal - anything against the law is basically prohibited here. We’d like to keep our instance relatively above board.

2. Stay on topic for the communities - Stay on topic for the community you’re posting in. Also respect their rules. The rules of which are left up to the mods of said community.

3. Be kind and respectful - We want this to be a positive place, regardless of a person’s ideals, values, and opinions. Just remember the person on the other side of the screen. Hate speech, name calling, or other rude/derogatory behavior is not generally allowed.

4. Please respect the rules of and do not harass others in remote or local communities - The fediverse is a wide, wide place. There’s multiple communities in existence that even predate our instance here dedicated to the subject of TTRPGs! Please don’t go into other communities and disrespect their space. You can even subscribe and participate in those communities in addition to ours!

As of right now, we have no blanket rule on NSFW content. Due to the nature of TTRPGs depicting all sorts of sex, violence, drugs, and other adult themes, we don’t plan on trying to limit this globally. This will be left up to the community in question to decide of NSFW posts/discussion/images fit in line with the community content and values. We’re willing to revisit this idea if there’s an extreme desire by the community at large one way or the other, but for now, this is where we stand.

However, all NSFW posts are required to be tagged as such.